Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Progress Reports

I understand the importance of progress reports but for some reason the idea of elementary school progress reports still sticks in my head. So, here's my progress report.

As for creativity, Kristen is getting a B+. She's doing well with coming up with creative ideas, but she needs to put more effort into those ideas. She comes up with a new ideas but she can't seem to stick with just one idea. As of right now, she likes the idea of comparing themes in Victorian literature. Both Dracula and Alice in Wonderland play with the ideas of reality, identity, knowledge, and memory. They also use similar tactics such as symbolism and foreshadowing. With these in mind, Kristen can write a good paper comparing and contrasting the two texts.

As for application, Kristen is getting a B-. She's got the ideas but she has a hard time applying the knowledge she has. When she does apply the knowledge, she does a pretty good job although sometimes connections can be lost. She just needs to make sure that all of her ideas tie back into her thesis.

As for research and preparation, Kristen has a solid B. She has done a lot of research but several of her sources lack substance. The idea of the source is nice, but there's not necessarily a way to apply the source to her current paper.

As for in-text examples for her paper, Kristen gets an A-. She knows both of the texts very well and she has enough examples to compare and contrast Dracula and Alice in Wonderland.

As for the actual paper, Kristen hasn't received a grade. She's got many of her ideas figured out, but she hasn't actually written more than two and a half pages. She is working on it and her outline appears to be helping her. We'll see what the final grade will actually be though.


  1. Really like your progress report idea. I was going to do that but you beat me to it! Giving yourself separate grades on your process helps you realize what needs improvements and what's doing well. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, this is a fun way to do some reflecting on one's writing. Only I would substitute "needs improvement" / "satisfactory" / "doing great" for each category, rather than the letter grades. And it sounds to me as though you are ready to start drafting about your primary text and its analysis. I'd say dive in right there and bring the other aspects up to speed as you can.