Monday, March 31, 2014

Coming Together

The thing I've worked on most with my paper so far is just finding key passages that demonstrate how language affects the thoughts and/or actions of the characters, and I've done a bit of research, but the thing I need to focus on most as I write my paper is cohesion. I know how to analyze specific passages to support my point, but I know that a collage of key passages doesn't mean anything if I can't draw them together in a cohesive argument that starts somewhere and leads to somewhere else in order to prove (or at least support) the point of my thesis.

Creative Commons License 2.0 / Matt Gibson

I think that I have enough feedback at this point in my process to start digging into my paper, but more feedback and suggestions are always welcome. But I feel like at this point in the process, more feedback won't be helpful until I actually write more of my paper and give people something more substantial to give me feedback about. If that makes sense. So I really just need to sit down, stop procrastinating, and start writing.

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  1. Cohesion is critical and does take concentration and uninterrupted time. Have a plan?