Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keep On Keeping On

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That picture is basically me throughout most of my writing really. I find myself thinking way more than I should and not writing/researching as much as I need to. My status report so far is a little over satisfactory. Honestly, I can feel myself starting to get a bit complacent in my paper and not pushing for making that brilliant paper. Although, my ideas are flowing and I am getting more comfortable in my topic. Improvements are being made with all of the feedback and suggestions I have been receiving. I just have some things to work out and couple more steps to complete. These include:

1. Consult Professionals - I plan to talk to Professor Cutchins who knows a lot about film adaptations and literature. I'm glad he is a BYU professor and father of one of my peers. This way it makes it a lot easier for me to consult him in regards to my paper. He can definitely help with the mechanics and content of it.

2. Better Rough Drafts - my drafts need to be taken more seriously on my part. It feels like I complete them just to get it done instead of significantly flushing my ideas out and doing it as a preparation for the final one. A lot of that probably has to do with how much time and effort I actually put into doing them.

3. WORK HARDER - this would probably be my greatest challenge. I've done so many papers they are sort of like an exercise that I've grown to shortchange and not give my all. This paper is probably one of the more important ones I'll do here in college so I need to step it up. As a recently accepted English Teaching major, I need to be a paper expert and this is the only way I'll get to that level. Practice makes perfect!


  1. I love your list here, especially the part about the rough drafts and the work harder. I also find that I rarely take rough drafts seriously--I more or less just loosely group my ideas together a semi-coherent bond of sentences that may or may not make sense, and when I have the time, I'll go back and edit it to make it sound more professional. However, I, too, need to work on taking rough drafts seriously--after all, what's the use of a rough draft and getting feedback on it if you're just going to go back and revise it anyways?
    ALSO CONGRATS ON BEING ACCEPTED Engl 276R next semester is going to ROCK!!!

  2. It's good you are self aware of your writing process and its challenges. I believe you meant "fleshing out ideas" and not "flushing out ideas," but I couldn't help but think that the latter is sometimes as necessary as the former!