Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baby Steps

Ah, a status report.

On Monday I posted such a report and wrote about how I need to visit the good ol' library once more.

Well, I did.

While some people love to watch the hours slip by while studying in the library, I have a really hard time doing so. I'd much rather be outside and eating something chocolatey and ice creamy. Anyways, today I forced myself to sit. And research. And think. And organize. Like crazy. And it was a good time to do it because it was a blizzard outside, which would've made it less pleasant to be outside and pretty ridiculous to eat something ice creamy.

Now, I'm proud to say that my little baby of a paper has gained a little chubbiness and is almost, almost ready to walk. I've gone through all my sources, organized them, and took out any quotes that I may use in my paper.

So here it is, my appropriately-named Big Baby Outline.

After this, it's time to get this puppy on its feet.


  1. It looks like your paper is really starting to come together! I actually particularly enjoyed the first source about how authorship is control; my thesis is about language and control, but for some reason I haven't stepped back to see the author behind that language as well. Interesting. I also think the visual elements of illustration versus film add a lot of interest to your paper. I'll be looking out for more complete versions of it :)

  2. That story-driven vs. theme-driven distinction in the Bowen Fraser source sounds like a great way to discuss a film adaptation. The outline looks like you have plenty of distilled thinking / quotations on hand to begin your drafting. Good luck!