Thursday, April 3, 2014

Perpetual Change

As I was working on my paper, I feel like I lost a little of my new found enthusiasm. The task feels daunting once again. I realize that there is still much work ahead of me, but I do take comfort in one thing, and that is the two pages we were required to write and bring in for review a few weeks ago. Looking back at those two pages, I noticed that all of my ideas are very shallow and unfinished. One step I took for this assignment for the 4-5 page draft was to go back and flesh out all of those ideas. Although I have a tad bit of anxiety about how to pull of this paper as a whole, I do feel confident in the ideas I currently have. After they are developed a little more and expanded upon, I'll have a pretty solid portion of my paper. From there it should be easy to continue to develop on the theme of my thesis and keep the ideas flowing. I'm very interested to see where my paper ends up in its finished form.

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  1. I've learned this semester that one of the best ways to discover your thesis is to begin by writing about that which comes easiest to you, what you enjoy about the book, what interests you -- that way you'll be able to produce a lot more material, and soon enough you'll be able to piece together your various ideas and a thesis will begin to manifest itself. (This is what Dr. Burton call the "low-hanging fruit," the easiest stuff to reach.)
    I feel like it's much easier to work with a sloppy paper I've already written than to come up with something out of the blue and expect it to be near-perfect the first time. Don't give up!! :)