Monday, March 31, 2014

Tally-Ho! A Writing We Will Go

What's next? As we are heading into the end of this week where we have to produce 4-5 more pages of our draft, I am feeling okay. Normally I would be panicking and avoiding my paper, but its really helped that we have done little bits of preparation for this paper these past couple weeks. I really like my thesis right now, and while I'm sure it will get tweaked, I feel very good about what I am going to be writing. What I need to to this week, is to spend some more time with  my sources, and really pick out quotes and evidence to use in my paper. Tori encouraged me to use the Chat with a Librarian thing to find the French Encyclopedia in English that I so desperately want, so I'm definitely going to do that this week. And then I just need to write! And, dare I say it, I'm actually looking forward to writing.

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  1. First off, for a moment there I was looking for the "Like" button so I could push it 50x's for your title. =]
    I agree about spending a little TLC time with my sources. It's good to see that you are feeling confident with your topic and thesis statement. Good luck writing! (And Yes! The live chat is very helpful!)