Monday, March 31, 2014

Misty Mountain Hop

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I attended a symposium that related the themes of Nature, Fairy Tales, and Songs of the Hobbit. The first speaker was a junior who spoke about Emerson's essay entitled "Nature." He highlighted some of the main points about how we connect to nature and how we can receive revelation from being alone in nature. Next was a graduate student who talked about fairy tales and the frame stories that often accompany them. She focused on one particularly obscure fairy tale called "The Yellow Dwarf." She emphasized how this tale was one that lacked a happy ending, but was meant to be more of a teaching tool. The Third and final speaker presented a paper entitled "Tunes of a Tale" focusing on the songs of the Hobbit. She mentioned how long lines of poetry in the literature we read can often make that literature boring, but in The Hobbit is serves as more of a way to progress the story along. All three talks had interesting elements that I benefited from and new things that I learned.

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  1. Was there either content that related to your paper, or structure/strategy in their analyses that you could learn from for your current project?