Monday, March 31, 2014

Process of Perks Paper

We've come a long way folks. We are getting closer to our goal which a well written and supported paper. It's incredible how all of these steps we have taken toward writing this final draft have really improved our process. With all the feedback, revisions, and suggestions, it has made it a lot easier to finalize my argument. I have a few things left to do. First, I plan to talk to an expert about my paper. Professor Cutchins, also known as Kate's dad, is an instructor here at BYU. He knows a lot about adaptation theory and he even wrote a book about it! I will be contacting him and sharing how far along I am. I think he could really enhance my paper in many ways. Another thing I plan to do is incorporate the primary text more. I have been rereading The Perks of Being a Wallflower to become more familiar with what I had read before. I'm almost done with it again and I have been taking notes on what passages are strong enough to use as evidence. This will definitley help me sort out my sources as well and see which I can incorporate more. Of course, I also want to give way more time to this paper and really focus on developing everything I have been working on. The more time I give, the better this paper will turn out. I can do this! 

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  1. Your post seems to convey what many of us are feeling. We're all at least slightly nervous to sit down and hammer this thing out, but the preparation is all there. We've done the work, now the only thing to do is to let it flow.