Monday, March 31, 2014


What I need to do (I hope you don't mind, Jessica, that I've copied your idea):
- Get more sources
- Find more quotes to use in my writing
- Get more feedbacks from friends

I'm having a hard time trying to get all the analysis I've done so far to line up with my thesis, which is really difficult because I end up changing it constantly. I've been trying to find all these similarities and differences between Alice and Sara, as I've briefly mentioned in my previous post. And as I've listed them out, I found out that different thesis could be written from them. The problem is, I can't use all of them for a specific thesis. I'd like to incorporate all the analysis I've done so far in my paper... 

So that's the problem I've been having. 

I think I'm close to choosing a thesis, but I'll be talking with a teacher from back home who helped with my college essays.  


  1. What are your different thesis ideas? Do you have more evidence for one idea than others? It's also possible that you could look at the evidence you found for some of your other ideas and look at them through a different lens in order to support a different thesis idea.

  2. Yes, maybe we could help you sort these out. In any case, write up your comparisons for the half draft due Friday.