Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Blog That Binds

I put my idea for my thesis on Facebook, and at first I wasn't getting very many takers.  So, I started instant messaging my friends and begging for feedback.  I got responses that way, but no one seemed to really get excited about what I was writing.  Someone else on the blog (I'm sorry, I tried to find you but I couldn't remember who said it) mentioned that they received a "lukewarm response."  That's pretty much all I've been getting.  Then, I started chatting with a friend, and things started going somewhere.

My friend Crystal challenged what no one else had - she stepped up and told me that my thesis wasn't a strong one.  So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with something new.

I noticed that our class blog is full of feminism.  I've tried to avoid the topic, but it just keeps coming back.  I think Tori had the same thing pop up.  I found Krista's post about feminist writing by male authors to be particularly inspiring.  So far I hadn't really been able to draw any similarities between Far From the Madding Crowd and Lewis Carroll's works, but after reading Krista's post, I noticed that both Thomas Hardy and Lewis Carroll are male authors who have strong female characters.  I put this idea to my good friend Crystal:

So, I'm joining several of my fellow classmates and starting afresh.  Annalee and McKay seem to be in the same boat I am.  We'll all get through this together, people!  In fact, McKay seemed to have a lot of the same problems I've had with relating her book and Carroll's works.  In general, I'm pretty amazed at how much our class blog has helped me with this paper.  In all my other classes, it seems like we never know what our classmates are working on.  With this blog and putting my thesis on other social media, I've gotten feedback that has pushed me in different directions and gain new perspectives.  The class blog has also shown me that most of my classmates are experiencing the same problems that I am, which is empowering and supportive.

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  1. I thought you wanted to stay away from feminism, but you have an opinion and a point of view that will be completely unique. How you identify with, exploit or explain feminism, will be completely different from the rest of us! I'm excited to see where YOU go and how YOU get there!