Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why Do I Read?

On my way to school this morning I was talking with my fiancé.  With the usual mischief in his voice he confessed that he woke up extra early that morning just so he could finish a good book that he was reading.  (Yup, He’s an English Major’s dream). “I love fiction!  Reading fiction evokes the child-like feeling that every moment of life can be an adventure.”  As he gushed about the delightsome nature of fiction, my mind began to race.  
What is it about books that people love so much?  I know when I read it is quite the experience: I am transported to other worlds, I meet new people, I simply get away!  I love the smell of books.  I love getting so consumed by words on a page that I don’t realize that I am reading anymore — the picture in my mind becomes so vivid and real.  But do all people who have at least a tolerance for books have a similar experience?”

Why Do YOU Read? 
My curiosity was peaked, and I wanted to know!  It was time to go to the masses… well as far as my Facebook friends go.

Tall Boy: “They are a portal to get away from reality!”

Long- Ago Classmate: “Reading books is like experiencing other people's adventures.”

Bearded Man: “Reading [a book] is like hanging out with an old friend. They're comforting, exciting, and can make me feel a wide range of emotions. Books are my favorite"

New Mom: “I love the sound of turning pages, the feel of the paper, the tangible ness of real books. I love the chance to learn about the world and myself, to see things through another's point of view, learn new words, and to just enjoy a good story.”

Recent Acquaintance: “I LOVE historical fiction.  It's a great way to learn about different kinds of people and experience life through their eyes! Books can help you experience things that you normally wouldn't have the chance to”

Books awaken is us a sense of adventure, intrigue, curiosity, courage, sympathy…

What Do Books Do for YOU?

Take a glimpse how one book sparked the flame of courage and confidence in me and helped me begin to rise above social prejudices of a new town.


  1. Really liked how you included the exact quotes of the people you questioned. It adds to the authenticity. I think your question is very affective because it's thought provoking. Many of us love to read for the escape and enjoyment but other do have different reason to read. It's good how you acknowledged this.

  2. You did a wonderful job. I was sucked in and then had to click on the link to your post about Winter of Fire. Nicely done.