Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My family and friend...

I have to say I'm very reluctant to show any of my writing before I'm finished with them. And I'm sure many people feel this way too. But there are a few people I would be itsy bitsy okay with sharing.

My family is one. My mother and my sister are the most straight-forward, honest people in the world, unlike me. They are wonderful, but they can be harsh, make no mistake. I got to say, feedback from them will be another roller coaster. But they are very much like me, spiritual, and a little quirky. They also read Sara, so I'm looking forward to what they've got to say about my writing.

Then there is my best friend, currently rooming with me at Glenwood. She is an amazing person, with an honest soul. But no mistake she can be stubborn and honest to the point of you-know-what. But she's willing to save me anytime!

I'm planning on Facebook and email. Fun!

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