Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why did the chicken cross the road?

There literally was a chicken crossing the road as I walked home.  So many jokes and thoughts come to mind, but I was trying to apply this to my possible thesis ideas and such.

Maybe the answer is that there is no reason?  It is hard to believe that there is anything in any literature that is there for no particular reason.

Btw, I want to bring up the point that I was able to get the social aspect of our blogging to work, or at least get a response, while we were in class.

The power of text messages.


  1. You should explain what you did for the social aspect, since it's not something I had discussed.

  2. Oh, well what I did was that I targeted a few people with texts saying I would like them to, or needed them to, read my blog. One person posted so far, I can probably get a couple more within a few hours with luck.