Thursday, March 13, 2014

Who's Your Morrie?

My own Morrie (my dad)
 keepin' it real with Paul Revere.
(Boston 2012)
Mitch Albom, the author of Tuesdays with Morrie, was an undergrad when he met Morrie Schwartz. Morrie was just his sociology professor, but as Mitch progressed through school, Morrie became more than that. To Mitch and many other students, Morrie became a source of reason, encouragement, and advice. Most of all he was a friend. In my life, my own father is a sort of Morrie to me.

So I have a question for anyone interested--who's your Morrie?

While I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to read Tuesdays with Morrie, I appreciate that Morrie isn't as important to everyone as he is to me, so I picked a few others. Who's your Gandalf? Who's your Watson? Who's your Matthew Cuthbert? Who's your Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit, or Mrs. Which? Who's your Dumbledore?

If you remain uninspired, I'll just ask these questions:

Who dries your tears and helps you up again?

Who listens when you're bursting with new ideas?

Who ultimatley gets you out the door and on your adventure?

I plan to circulate this little teaser to a group on Facebook that I'm a part of. I know a few of the members, but many are basically strangers. The group is basically dedicated to being a nerd--we talk about poetry, post pictures of ourselves at Comic Con, discuss Doctor Who, and organize trips to the Shakespeare Festival. I'll post the link and ask for their responses and any advice they happen to have--I'm very excited about this one!


  1. My father.. My mother.. My fiancé.. My Mission President and his wife..
    Simply put, I think my "Morrie"s are those people who love me far more then I think I'll ever realize. They are the people who I hope to love enough in return. They love me enough to lift me. They help me live, laugh and learn.

  2. I think my Bishop is my "Morrie." I have been in the YSA 176th ward for almost a year now, and have grown very close to all the members of the bishopric, in fact, but my bishop in particular has given me counsel, hope, and has spiritually uplifted me when down. He has inspired me, supported me, and been genuinely interested in my life and well-being.

  3. I would say my "Morrie" is my roommate who is also my best friend. He is one of the few people on this earth who I can be completely honest with, judgement aside. Also, this is going to sound weird but I would consider Max my "Morrie" as well. Max is my cat......I just really love him...

  4. Nah, it's not weird. :) animals are good listeners.

  5. My husband is my Morrie. He listens to me ramble every day, and comforts me when I cry even if it is for seemingly no reason at all. He always knows what to say to put things in perspective. He understands my deepest fears and always wants to do what's best for me.