Monday, March 10, 2014

Learning for Life

When I was 18-years old, I attended Carlbrook School, a boarding school in Southern Virginia whose motto is "Non Scholae Sed Vitae Discimus," which in latin for "Not for School, but for life we learn."

Carlbrook had an amazing impact on my life because of the people I was able to meet there. That school in the middle of nowhere Virginia gave me the amazing opportunity to meet and interact with students, professors, counselors and staff members that form some of the brightest, most brilliant people I have ever known.

I had a professor who taught Latin and Ancient Greek Literature who inspired my passion for ancient studies and language. Because of this professor, I have pursued the study of Italian and have developed a deep love for the study of ancient Greece and Rome. Professor Quay has continued to influence me in my studies, and just last semester when I did a presentation on Ancient Rome, I emailed him and got some wonderful ideas and feedback on my presentation.

I had another music and dance teacher there who inspired my love ballroom dance. My dear friend, Gavin Rice, graciously agreed to be my dance partner and suffered through the learning curve I was on. We spent two semesters learning how to twirl and waltz and express emotion through movement.

Ms. Liaschenko also directed the school play. She coached me through vocal lessons and I even got to play some violin for the play. It was an amazing experience I will never forget.

I had an English Professor who was the toughest woman I have ever met. To this day, that class was by far the most difficult and challenging class I have ever taken, and yet it also remains the single class in which I learned the most. Ms. Elmes challenged me in ways I had never before been challenged, and I learned to research. She inspired my love of English, which has led me to the major I am currently in and inspired my current studies.

Mrs. Bartholomew inspired me to write! It was under her care as a teacher that I learned to love creative writing. It was also her inspiration that led me to pursue a career in editing.

And it wasn't just the professors that influenced me. I met some of the most amazing students and friends there as well. In fact, it was at Carlbrook that I met two of my very best friends in the whole world. Sarah and Monica inspired me to be myself, follow my dreams, and they supported me in following even my most impossihle dreams.

Staff members and counselors there made my dream of attending BYU possible. And the family and friends who supported me from home cannot be forgotten. My wonderful parents and siblings made a huge difference as well.

These people care about me and in particular, they care about what I care about. My education is as important to them as it is to me, and in many cases, my "homies" are as literature-nerdy as I am!

Lastly, I cannot write about the people who care the most about me without mentioning my sweet fiance, Eric Romrell. Although we have only known each other for a short time, there is no one that knows me better than he does, and there is no one who cares more about my future and my interests than Eric. I am forever grateful for people like Eric and all of my other friends who care enough about me to invest their time in my interests!

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  1. It's great to hear you've already been consulting with a past instructor, and even better to hear the great respect you have for various people connected with your learning. Have you reached out to any of these people on your current research and reading?