Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Accept The Feedback We Think We Deserve

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I always find it kind of fun to talk to different people on things I'm working on. It's usually very beneficial feedback. I decided to share my tweethis statement with others in person because I feel like social media isn't very intimate. Talking to others face to face allows me to see how they actually react when they first hear or see my thesis. First, I went to my roommates. They're typical guys and science majors so I didn't really expect them to give me any profound thoughts. Surprisingly, they we pretty interested in the topic. They have never read the novel or seen the movie but have heard of the title. The idea of comparing novel and movie intrigued them and they thought it would be an interesting paper. It was cool to see how it really provoked them to think about it and discuss. Then, I decided to go over an apartment in the complex I live in. I chose a random apartment that I have never visited and started to talk to them about my thesis. Fortunately, one of the girls that lived in this apartment is an English major and gave me great feedback. She had read the novel and seen the book and thought there were awesome points to be made about the relationship between the two. I really appreciated her support because I was unsure if this thesis was strong enough to pursue. This also occurred when Sophie and Chelsea commented on my post. They both expressed their agreement with my argument and posed more questions and points I could bring up. This movie and novel comparison is seeming more interesting thanks to the social proof I have been getting!

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