Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tweethis Feedback

As I have received feedback on my tweethis statement, I have considered changing it a little bit. It's difficult, because I am having a difficult time figuring out what I want to research. But some of the feedback I received on my potential thesis statement was really helpful, particularly that of Professor Burton, who encouraged me to look at the stakes/argument I can make with my thesis. I want to continue to look more into the religious and political implications of The Count of Monte Cristo. I think this is really where I want to focus more of my research, even though I did find a biographical connection between Dumas and Carroll.

In all honesty, I'm a bit bummed that I have to include Carroll in my paper at all, because I was not a huge fan of any of his works. But I think what will be best for me will be to dive into my research, and then later find some connection to Lewis Carroll.

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