Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Perks Of The Process

Usually, people say that the motion picture versions of movies are not as accurate or "as good" as the book. I actually am guilty of thinking this before. I thought how can I argue this is not true when looking at The Perks of Being A Wallflower? Is the movie as accurate as the novel Stephen Chbosky wrote? Does it matter if they correlate or not? I wondered what significant relationship do the two forms of the story hold.

Key Passages:
  • "So, on Friday, I went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I waited until the movie had already started before I went into the theater. I didn't want to ruin the show for everybody. I just wanted to see Patrick play Frank 'n Furter just like he always does because I knew that if I saw that, I knew he would be okay. Just like my sister getting mad at me for smoking cigarettes. I sat in the back row and looked on the stage. It was still a couple of scenes before Frank 'n Furter enters. That's when I saw Sam playing Janet. And I missed her so much. And I was so sorry about how I messed everything up. Especially when I saw Mary Elizabeth playing Magenta. It was all very hard to watch. "
  • " I drove home listening to some of the songs we listened to those times when we were infinite. And I pretended they were in the car with me. I even talked out loud."


Focusing on what the main character Charlie describes, a lot it has to do with what he sees and hears. He describes all of his experiences with his senses. Listening to music, watching things, etc. all contribute to what he is going through. I think as the reader it is important to experience what he is experiencing as well. With the movie, they play the music he is obsessed with and show Charlie and his friends dress up for the event. The visuals and sounds of the movie enhance the understanding of what he is describing to be so great.


What I am thinking about doing at this point is focusing on the physical/sensory details the novel incorporates and the movie also depicts. I'll touch on how motion pictures don't have to stay completely dependent on the novels they are based on. As long as they get the same message across, it is accurate. I haven't done much thinking in terms of comparing it to Alice in Wonderland but that novel also has a movie based on it so it will work. Chbosky was inspired by music and physical things so I believe the motion picture of The Perks of Being A Wallflower complements the novel.


  1. Please be sure that you name and link to the primary text, which you do not mention once in this post. Always write a post as though someone is reading it without having read anything prior to it that would frame its meaning. Use links back to prior posts as well as mentioning anew the book title (and maybe author) you're discussing as well as your topic or general purpose.

    1. Thank you Professor Burton! I always seem to talk aimlessly and never refer back to my subject. This reminder was definitely needed. I'll be sure to correct this and apply it to my next post.