Friday, March 14, 2014

Open Casting Call For Peers!

Do you love to congregate and share in the collective knowledge and intelligence of other people?

Do you love to think about deeper issues or thoughts beyond the pretty colors soandso wore?

Do you find it hard to find people to talk about your ideas with?

Do you fear ridicule for expressing ideas that are not the boring norm?

Do you want to create a network of profound intelligence?

Then look no further.  Richard Boyce, and Richard Associates (ie Richard himself), is looking for peers to share ideas with.  He is looking for people that are equals for all intents and purposes.  And, he isn't even sure if he has anybody that considers him a peer so he is scared to approach people about it.  If you are in need of a peer, or feel like helping him find a peer, look him up... or just talk to him.  He probably would be more than happy to talk... about anything and everything and then some more.

(Sorry about the cats, folks.  Seemed kind of funny to me.)

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