Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spagetti and Waffles

I once had it explained to me (by a man) that men are like waffles and

girls are like spaghetti.  

Let me explain.

Men have the fabulous ability to compartmentalize in their mind.  They have the work waffle divot, the school waffle divot, the relationship waffle divot, sports waffle divot etc.  Thoughts can stay as separate as they want them.

Woman are spaghetti.  We have one thought that gets tangled into another thought that is lost in another completely different thought.  Gossip of school intertwines with the stresses of work which affects the level of patience we have we our friends and pretty soon you have no idea where one thought or feeling began and where another ended. *

Ever since my last post my mind hasn’t been able to settle down with everything I want to do to gather in information!  I want to create quiz lets and google polls!  I want to survey campus, friends, family, strangers, everyone!  I want to talk with students, undergrads, graduates and professors.  I want to ask the world : WHY, no really, WHY do you read?

My Spaghetti mind has some unraveling to do before I think I’ll be able to pick my next direction… but until then.  I NEED HELP from all you other Waffles and Plates of Spaghetti!
This is what I am considering for a claim:

The definition of a “good book” is subjective to an individuals generation and is influenced by the books physical and textual aesthetics, character development and dialogue as well as moral lessons found within the book.  

Stay tuned for how I’ll work myself up to this point! 

If you can't figure out if your mind is a waffle or spaghetti.. it's ok! 

*Disclaimer: I understand that not all individuals are like this nor will ever be like this nor have the desire to be like this… but hey, it’s fun none the less! 


  1. Well, I am more of a spaghetti person (naturally), but I have a few ideas on what you're thinking. First of all, you definitely would want to make your topic more specific. I fulheartedly agree with your thesis, but to prove that in a paper will take extensive time and evidence, probably more so that you have (especially since I happen to know you are planning a wedding). Personally, I think it would be really interesting to look at the generation side of things. Just yesterday I was talking to my coworker about how "classic" books need to include more recent influential literature. Even (dare I say it) Twilight, which although I may not like the book or see a vast amount of literary value to it, it definitely had a HUGE impact on our culture today. And not just with vampire culture. Stephanie Meyers was able to get an entire generation of non-readers (I won't say illiterate for fear of offending people) to pick up a book and read. Hundreds of people who had never really enjoyed reading before read the Twilight series. Other influential literature would include the Harry Potter Series, the Lord of the Rings, and other such influential literature that engrained itself into our generation's culture. I think what would be REALLY fun for you would be to pick a generation, likely the one in which your book was written, and study what a "good book" was considered to be in that time period. You could look at what was valued in the literature of that culture. Was it romance? Was it comedy? Was it poetry? Was it sex (like our culture)? You could even look at what GENRES were valued, historical fiction, fantasy, biographies, science fiction, etc.

  2. THANKS! I love the idea about going back to the generation of when the book i chose to be written. Plus, a lot of those individuals from that generation, I feel, make up the majority of voices out there on the web today(blogs etc). I'll look into that.
    Are there any other thoughts out there?