Friday, March 7, 2014

Tweethis: Feminist Writing by Male Authors

Because of the intense stigma against women and feminist movements in the modern day Middle Eastern region of the world, a male writer must write about feminism in order for the societal problems surrounding gender roles to get any attention--as in Victorian England, when Lewis Carroll, a man, sought to undo gender roles in Alice in Wonderland.

In addition, I have already begun to circulate interest in the topic on my Facebook account. I asked for peoples' opinions and what they know about feminism in the Middle East, and to my surprise, I received a lot of attention and comments--many from people I did not know I was still in contact with!  Here is just a sample of the comments.  I figure, with the people from these comments, I can use them as social proof when I start to really write my essay.  I also had a few people private message me about my topic, which is fantastic--but I will not post those since they were privately messaged.


  1. Wow, some great responses. Look what you've started!

  2. This is awesome! I actually particularly like the comment about feminism dying in a hole, because I think that that person would be a perfect audience to try to convince as you write your paper! It'd be a great way to really seek out why feminism is important and how you can enlighten the people who are averse to it. Also, I'd love to see your specific examples of Carroll's uses of feminist ideals. It's definitely a risky thesis, which will make for a good paper!

  3. I had never thought about Carroll's feminist agenda until now. It makes sense, although I'm not sure that was his original goal. It would be cool to see how he does it compared with your other piece regarding Islam and Feminism. My sister graduated in Middle Eastern Studies with an emphasis in Islam so I could hook you up with her and she'd be glad to help. It sounds like it will be an interesting paper, though.