Friday, March 7, 2014

Movies, Movies, and More Movies

My movie tickets from 2013
(Plus a few from 2014)
Alright, let’s be honest, how many of you have actually gone to a midnight showing of a movie, specifically where there wasn’t reserved seating, so you ended up sitting outside on the concrete for six hours, playing card games, in order to see said movie. And how many of you have seen the same movie with the same person twice in the same day?  Well, I have. Several times in fact. This slight movie obsession is partly due to my good friend, Ashleigh. The amount of movies that we’ve seen together numbers well into the hundreds. We’ve seen all kinds of movies together: action, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, drama, horror, and even the very occasional romantic comedy. So, next question, how does any of this relate to writing?

Well, Ashleigh wants to be a writer and I want to be an editor. I read her stories and novels and she reads my essays. Because we have become such close friends through movies, we can basically say anything to each other. There’s no concern or fear that we will offend the other by helping them to fix their writing. It’s the same during the writing process. As we figure out our ideas and how we’re going to write them out, we are constantly asking the other for advice.

And not to make it seem like I only go to one person for writing tips, I’ll throw my cousin, Alexis into the mix. The two of us basically grew up together, spending a good chunk of our childhood at our grandmother’s house. The almost weekly trips to the library with our grandma fed our love of books. We are constantly discussing books with each other. What we’ve recently read, what we liked/hated about it, how great the plot twist was, favorite quotes, etc. It’s like a two-person book club.

Ashleigh and Alexis are the two people I go to the most for help with my writing and I’m so grateful that they’ll listen to anything I say, ramblings and all.


  1. Midnight premieres are one of my favorite things in the entire world!!! I was hooked when I saw the picture of the ticket stubs. I'm glad that you have friends to enjoy this with and also help you with your writing. Maybe you can talk your paper at the next midnight premiere you all to go :)

  2. Movie premieres are LEGIT. also I approve of which one is on the top: Thor the Dark World. I see what (or who) is highest on your priority list. Also, I'm glad you have a friend you can count on to go with you to the movies. :)