Friday, March 7, 2014

Confessions of an Extrovert

As of recently there's been this rather random movement for people to understand introverts. Apparently they've been suffering at the hands of extroverts (and other introverts, I would argue) who simply don't "understand" them. 

Please go away, human. I need some alone time.
I guess I wasn't aware that we needed to add introverts to the list of personalities/lifestyles/characteristics that garner extra compassion and tolerance-- but look at the blog posts and articles that have been written to help the rest of the world understand that strange, mythical being that is the introvert! Here, here, and here are some rather funny/interesting/bogus examples.

Personally, I feel like all you really need to do to understand the difference between introverts and extroverts is spend a little time with a cat and a dog. One of them will spend all of its time getting as annoyingly close to you as possible. One of them will spend its time getting away from you. Except when it doesn't.

All right, all right, I've been partly joking this whole time. One of the best ways to get people to read your post is by stereotyping an entire group of people. People jump all over that. In all seriousness, I feel like people are just people and we're all different and need understanding and compassion.

As an extrovert, I need people. I mean, I need, NEED, NEED people. If I have a thought and am in the general vicinity of another person, they will hear that thought. As a writer, I have a rather wonderful support group who are always willing to read what I've written, listen to a rather impassioned speech about why my thesis statement is revolutionary, and offer extremely helpful reader critiques.

(announcer voice

IN THIS GROUP, we have:


Age: 20. Major: costume design. Level of help: essential
The best friend and roommate. Is often busy with designing fabulous costumes for various plays and films, so will have to work around her schedule. Offers the best advice.


Ages: 23. Majors: Undecided and Classics. Level of help: pretty darn helpful.
The other roommates. Less busy than Ashley Cook, but still very qualified. Katelin offers spiritual guidance as a returned missionary and Clara provides intellectual insight. Offers very helpful advice.


Age: 41. Major: Family Life. Just kidding, none. Level of help: depends on when you ask.
Always there and willing to read and support and give advice, but much of the time too busy raising a family of six kids. However, the best for calling on the phone to tease out an general idea for a thesis statement. Always willing to listen. Offers pretty good advice, though generally not related to what I'm writing.

As for those who read my blog, the list is even more extensive. As a sharer, I normally end up talking to anyone and everyone about the things I write. I have a pretty solid task force.

*This post was not meant to offend any introverts.

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  1. You have a very engaging writing style, actually. Also, I checked out your Second Breakfast blog, too. You'll make a fantastic journalist :)