Friday, March 7, 2014

The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

Third wheel status
10pts if you get the movie reference in my title

I would not be the person I am today if I didn't have my friends. I consider them family because they are such a strong support system in my life. I value their honest opinions so much that it does get difficult at times. We are always giving each other advice, whether it may be what we want to hear or not. We're constantly looking out for each other which makes us even closer. Since we are all BYU students, our lives are very focused on our grades and classes. Even though we all have different majors, we somehow find a way to help each other study and get things done. I've realized that friends aren't just there to hang out with you on weekends or entertain you when you're bored. They're genuinely interested in helping you and want you to succeed. I've shared a lot of my English assignments with my friends and we always end up having a great discussion of what I brought up. You wouldn't believe some of the things we end up talking about.....

Let me tell you about some of these people I know.

First, there's Michelle. She's the cute Korean girl in the top right picture. I met Michelle almost two years ago when I lived in Wyview freshman year. Michelle is the stereotypical asian when it comes to school. Constantly studying, always in the library, and never settles for anything less than a 4.0. All jokes aside, Michelle is one of the hardest working people I've ever met. She deserves everything she earns (like her full tuition scholarship...) and much more. She is probably my number one when it comes to school advice because she always open to helping me improve. She's pre-med and she is going to be the best doctor ever!

Kim and Khloe
Then, there's Ryan Shumway, also known as shumdog_millionare (follow him on instagram). He's the other guy in the top right picture and he's also dating Michelle! they're the cutest. Ryan is our token white friend because the rest of us our minorities so we are always picking on him. He wants to be brown and he says he is from L.A but he's just another white boy from Utah who served in California. I honestly have so much love for Ryan because he is so open minded and cares so much about others. He's so friendly and loves to talk to new people. Ryan is great because I know he'll always be willing to talk about my writing.

Last but not least, there's Ethan George Wilkins. Where do I even begin....well, we're basically Kardashians. We're beautiful, popular, and everyone wants to be us. We also fight like sisters but have nothing but love for each other. You know those people you talk to once and you just click? that's him. It's crazy to think Ethan has only been in my life since I got to college but it feels like I grew up with him. We've gone through a lot together, good and bad, and we have come such a long way. We've become better people because of each other. Ethan is an illustration major and can draw circles around the peasants in the art department. He still is a great help when it comes to my work because he is brutally honest and forces me to improve. He's the Aly to my AJ....hope someone gets that reference too.

These guys are my rocks and I would fall apart without them. Being recently accepted into the English Teaching program, they were so excited for me. They can't wait for me to be a teacher and cheer me on! My homies are the first people I turn to for help, not just school but everything. Love them to death.

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  1. This is so great. Jose, you're great. And so is Michelle and so is Ethan and I'm sure Ryan is too and it's awesome that you have such a great friend group to support you :)