Friday, March 7, 2014

Everyone Needs a Shopping Buddy

The Ugliest Blouse in the World
Last year I went shopping with my roommates at Kohls. We all got separated in the store, going to different sections that caught our interest. I ended up wandering in the more professional section, looking for something different from my usual style, and oh boy did I find it: A sea foam green, lacy blouse.  And I thought it was super cute. I tried it on in the dressing room, and while its cut seemed a little strange to me, I felt that I could pull it off. Stupidly, I bought it, without finding another opinion. Y’all, the truth is, the blouse was the ugliest thing in the world. It had the incredible power of making everyone who dared to wear it look shapeless and box-like. Once I modeled it for my darling roomies, they quickly told me how awful it was.

Everyone needs a good shopping buddy, someone to tell you their honest opinion of your ideas and to prevent you from spending time on something doomed from the start. I’m blessed to have several such people in my life:

-My Roommates: We got grouped together randomly freshman year at BYU, and have stayed together since. Though they aren’t super English- inclined, they suffer themselves to listen to my thesis statements and let me know if my ideas make sense.

-My older sister: She is one of the most brilliant writers I know. We’re six years apart, but look extremely similar, share the same humor, and also both love literature. She will always read my essays and edits them without fear. Whenever I hit a roadblock in my writing, I always call her and she helps me push through it.

-My best friend Haylee: We’ve been best friends since my freshman year in high school. She’s studying journalism and editing at UGA. She’s painfully blunt, but also very supportive. Over the years, she’s been the first to read everything-my emotional, dramatic poetry, attempts at writing a novel, and countless essays.

These people have all inspired and encouraged to become an English Teacher. Without them, I’m sure many of my essays would turn out as successfully as my shopping trip last year.

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  1. This is super funny, and I love the picture. That is certainly an interesting shirt. I'm still chuckling. :)