Monday, March 17, 2014


This really is a shell. Quite empty. In fact, if you could hold it up to your ear, you might hear the ocean.

I am stuck with what I think I want to say and how I want to say it. I am also finding out that JRR Tolkien did a lot of artwork so I am not sure how much that will affect my decision to run with this idea.
Click here --> MY SHELL
Small Brainstorm
Alice Illustration
LOTR Ilustration by Tolkien


  1. These are good illustrations of how frustrating it is to form complex, legitimate ideas. They totally made me laugh. I think it would be good if you talked a little about what your ideas are in this post, so it can be a little bit of a stand-alone unit. I had to go looking for your other things, which isn't necessarily bad, but most people won't bother to. Also, I am very fond of Tolkien's artwork. It's fantastic. :)

  2. Cristiano! I am very interested in this paper. I think you have some really great ideas. I wrote my Alice paper about the illustrations, and I have a source that you might find helpful. It was definitely helpful to me. Here it is:

    Hancher, Michael. The Tenniel Illustrations to the “Alice” Books. Ohio: Ohio State University Press, 1985. 25-34, 122-130. Print.

    The entire book is about Tenniel, so I just cited several pages that really helped me. Check it out! It's in the BYU library.