Monday, March 17, 2014

A {working} Thesis is Born!

My Mind Map
So these past couple weeks I've had some difficulties in nailing down a thesis that a-excites me and b- connects Alice and the Count of Monte Cristo together well. And at last, I think I have at least the basic form of it, which is fantastic. Before, I was focused on directly relating the Edmond to Alice, but as I let go of my initial ideas, and just tried to come up with different thesis ideas, I saw that all my evidence in connecting those together didn't have enough supporting evidence to be its own idea. But then, I remembered that another character in Alice I had been interested about, was the Queen of Hearts! And weirdly, I found that a comparison between her and Dantes fit a lot better. So click the link to check out my current shell of a paper, which will probably change, but at least I have a much clearer direction now!


  1. That's a very extensive map. Having so many ideas makes it really easy to funnel everything down and discover what important things you want to filter out. I usually start with much less content, and then end up with very little after I funnel it into my thesis. I like your idea a lot better. I think I'll give it a try. I also really like the color coordinating. That's something I would never have thought of. Really helps to separate and organize your ideas. Good job!

  2. A mind map! That's such a good way to keep things visually organized, especially with the color coding. I'll have to try that out for the future. :)

  3. The color coding was super helpful! I just did this via paint on my computer, and it actually wasn't too difficult