Friday, March 21, 2014

Feels like a Tug of War

Digging into my paper has showed me how much more I need to research and has also helped me figure out what information I am looking for. So that's been great as now I don't feel like this paper is a giant, terrifying monster. Anyways, so while I decided to let go of comparing Edmond Dantes and Alice (her character) and to instead compare him with The Queen of Hearts, I still haven't let go of my interest in existential meaning in the 19th century. I'm worried that perhaps I have too much going on in my paper. Also, I feel like my comparison is starting out to be a tug of war rather than flowing. So thoughts? Any advise on how to do a successful compare/contrast paper?

Here the link to it, so check it out: Edmond Dantes and the Queen


  1. I think something that might help is when comparing the two, make sure to speak about them in the same tone. Don't let one become the stronger argument or seem as if it can stand by itself. Allowing them to be dependent on each other should support your analysis. Of course, contrasting the two is important but letting the similarities be involved will I think add to the flow.

  2. I found a source that might help into looking at the Queen of Hearts:

    Schilder, Paul. "Psychoanalytic Remarks on Alice in Wonderland and Lewis Carroll". Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease 87.2 (1938) 159-168. Print.

  3. Thanks Jose! I have been trying to just use Alice as a supplemental kind of thing, but I think you right in saying that I need to make Alice and Monte Cristo more dependent on each other. And Mckay- thanks so much for that! I will definitely check that book out!