Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I find the idea of publishing one of my papers to be somewhat uncomfortable. I have always enjoyed writing, but I don't think I have ever really aspired to having my paper read and published in a public forum. I think it is probably time that I change my mentally about my writing and be more open to the idea of having others read my work. I think it will allow me to grow even more as I received feedback from all sorts of individuals, so I feel more partial to Guest Blogging.

Granted, this all would require that I write something that is worthy of their time and can contribute to the academic discussion on my given topic. Hopefully I can do that.

Academic Archives: BYU ScholarsArchive

In my American Lit class, I wrote a paper on Edgar Allan Poe's The Black Cat. As I researched the topic, I found a very useful, peer reviewed article written by a BYU student that explored Poe's writing style. It helped me to form some ideas about my paper and I appreciated that fact that another student had struggled through similar ideas as mine. I think that this would be an interesting place to publish because whatever work I come up with (hopefully good work) it can be of use to another BYU student that is working on a similar assignment.

Guest Blogging: TheAwl /

"We are largely interested in reported or observed nonfiction or cultural studies. That includes work that examines or highlights history, media affairs, strange occurrencesideaspopular or "fine" culture and capitalism in practice." This seems like a pretty progressive blog and would be an interesting place to discuss the different lenses of literary criticism. May not be what I am looking for with my paper right now, but I definitely would be interest for other works. 

Another Guest Blog: Book Riot /
This was on their About page:

Our Beliefs

  1. We create.
  2. We always prefer the book to the movie.
  3. We riot as a team.
  4. We geek out on books, embarrassingly so.
  5. We’re leaders.
  6. We practice charity.
  7. We miss our subway stop cause the book is that good.
  8. We are non-traditional.
  9. We believe in family (bookshelves and cats count).
I concur with every single one of these, and wouldn't have to look past their About page to feel like this would not only be a place I would want to contribute, but a site where I would enjoy reading other people's work. 


  1. I just posted a comment on Kristen's blog post and mentioned a few thoughts I have about discomfort. I don't think publishing is meant to feel comfortable. As writers, I feel that we can't wait until we feel comfortable. Discomfort is what allows us to grow and improve our writing skills. Just some thoughts! Good luck with your paper and publishing research!

  2. Thank you for suggesting The Awl! That is a blog I would probably submit my essay to.

  3. These are some good venues. I think I'll look at a few of these for myself. Thanks

  4. Here's the page at the Awl describing submissions in case anyone is interested.