Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Miniature Paper About Morrie and Alice

Here's Alice having a nice relaxing afternoon in the fields,
unlike the rest of us, locked inside cramming for
finals and writing papers.
My main problem is that I'm feeling scatterbrained in terms of my ideas. I have lots of good things that I want to include, but I'm not sure how to tie them together. I'm also worried that my idea isn't advanced enough to make an 8 page paper out of it. I don't know if I've come up with anything someone could argue with, I guess. So if anyone has a minute to look it over and give me some
feedback, that would be really really nice.

Here's my miniature paper.


  1. I tried to read your paper but google docs says that I need access. Maybe what you could do is click "share" then select the option that says "anyone with link can view". I would love to read it and tell you what I think about it!

  2. Whoops, thank you! I think it's fixed now.

  3. First of all, I think it can easily be argued that Alice isn't the authoritative figure in the text. While I was thinking about control in my own paper, I was thinking about how Alice really isn't in control of the things happening around her. She may be the most mature and logical person in the story, but I think she is answering to a lot of different authorities, mostly, to Wonderland itself! She isn't free to choose what she wants to do, eat, or even say sometimes. She has to constantly look to authoritative figures who are essentially, loons, but nonetheless, authoritative.

    In response to the paper, I think when you are talking about how Alice is a "Morrie" you always sound unsure like you are doubting if she really is one. I would take away the disclamers i.e. "So, while Alice certainly does play a Morrie-esque’s important to remember that it’s on a much smaller, less important scale simply because it’s a fantasy and she’s just a child. But she does play that role...". Make a stance and stick with it. Alice plays a Morrie-esque role! Period.

    Hope that helps! This will be a great paper!

    1. P.S. This post by Sophie is all about authority in Alice's world:

  4. I think it's possible to argue that Alice is an authority figure. It's true that there are OTHER authority figures, but she certainly loves putting her foot down! I looked up an ebook on the subject which talks about our personal perceptions of the world, and what happens when we try to impose OUR idea of how things should be on a world that has DIFFERENT ideas on the same subject. Look at the first few pages, hopefully those will be helpful. (Of course, feel free to browse the rest of the book as well.) I think you have the potential for a very arguable paper! (That's a good thing!) The fact that you're a little unsure about it indicates that it could "divide and educated audience." I say do it!

    The MLA citation of the book is:
    Silberberg, Daniel Doen. "Wonderland: The Zen of Alice." Berkley, CA: Parallax Press. 2009. Ebook.

    And the URL is:

  5. Thanks Adam! This looks like a great source, I really appreciate it!