Friday, March 21, 2014

Good Success on Goodreads

So this week I posted several comments and questions on reviews on goodreads, and actually got a response back! It made me realize that if I choose to talk about the extent of God/Providence in Edmond Dantes life, researching a little more carefully into Alexandre Dumas’s religious background would be a good idea. Also, she brought up free will, which has come up repeatedly in my conversations with people about my idea and in just talking about Count of Monte Cristo. So I am thinking of considering that as a potential point to talk about in my paper.

Publishing Avenues:

The idea of publishing my paper makes me more excited about writing it (which honestly, I need all the excitement I can get as we near the end of the semester) and a little more nervous about doing a good job on it.

I have never heard about BYU’s ScholarsAchive until this week, and have decided that submitting my paper to it seems like a low-risk, low-stress option.

I also looked into the BYU’s English Symposium, and I really like how it covers a vast area of literary space, and I am super interested in submitting something to it next year.

Sophi mentioned the blog, Interesting Literature and I checked it out and read some of their articles. I really like the style that they have and their topics. I noticed that a lot of their Guest Blogs are in list form, and I think it could be a cool way to adapt a paper to blogger-friendly.

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  1. Yes! Those are all places I am considering too. I love the idea of guest blogging because it feels less intimidating. Same with the ScholarsArchive. I'd love to be published at BYU. Goodreads has turned out to be the most helpful social media tool I've used. Way to go! Looks like you've got a lot of good stuff going on.