Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sea Shells and Such

I still do not have a physical something that I can post on here for everybody to see for a shell for my paper, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to at least post the general idea and direction I have for my paper.  Everyone should expect a few graphical or illustrative representations later.

First, my book is The Great Gatsby.  I will be making connections, or at least conversing with, ideas between that and the two Carroll works we have read for this class.

Here is where I can make a physical something to show:  I am going to do one of those webs or connection things to show how everyone connects to Jay Gatsby.  I might even try to make connections from AIW and TTLG to him as well.  That might not focus so much on the actual characters, but maybe more so on the themes or ideas.

Now I am treading into waters that make me feel uncertain.  I know that I do not want to focus too much on themes.  But I do want to show how the characters are connected to my main idea of random, and Gatsby being outside of the mold.

Maybe somebody can help me with this part, but I am a bit uncertain on how to tie more literary elements to my paper than just talking about characterization and plot.


1)  I am thinking either Digital America or the literary magazine Kristen works on, Criterion.  Then again, I am not sure what kind of stuff that they want.

2)  Maybe the BYU English Symposium, maybe a couple of others.  I would feel comfortable staying close to this sorta home, but maybe breaking out of that would be nice.  Any ideas?

3)  I really don't know on this one.  I might just do what a lot of other people are doing for this one.  Granted, many of us are thinking along the same lines.


  1. It would be easier to find journals for publication once you know what you're actually specifically going to write about. Try just asking yourself what you like about each novel, and then see if there are any similar things you liked about both or things that you could potentially tie together; that's what I did to figure out what my topic would at least focus on.

  2. Hey! So I know your'e still looking for a topic, and I don't know if you would be interested in this, but I found something that might inspire you.

    Sadoff, Diane F. . Victorian vogue : British novels on screen. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2010. Print.

    It talks about the film adaptation of British novels. It probably isn't the most perfect source, but there are many just like it. As I was trying to think of connections between The Great Gatsby and the Alice works (knowing I haven't read The Great Gatsby), I thought to myself, hey! These are both british novels that have recently turned into movies! Maybe it would be fun for you to research the film adaptation of these two novels. It would be an easy topic to research and a fun paper to write. Just an idea!

  3. I like both of your points. By the way, both British novels? Granted, I like this idea if it can show me some different viewpoints for looking at connections. Thanks both of you!