Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I had never even considered putting my work out there so far, so close to the flames of publish-ing-ness (surprising I'm an English major). But now I'm considering it. And it seems wonderful. 

Finding conferences and articles that were tantalizing was not hard. Through the confidence-building blog post Moby Digital and its links, I was able to find some really interesting stuff. And for the first time in forever (try to read that without singing it) I have gotten excited about sharing my work. 

Professor Burton was right. Now I really want to work harder at this paper and really nail it down. Maybe it'll be worth sharing! Maybe I'll get to be a part of something greater than just getting a letter grade! Oh, the places I'll go! (Hopefully). 

Creative Commons 2.0UK / Jisc Corp

1. The publication I'd really like to submit to would be Digital America. Looking through it, I knew my paper would match their interests, as well as my own.

2. Why not? I'd like to submit it to the Scholars Archive at BYU. I didn't even know this place existed, and now that I know, I want to make something I'm proud enough of to submit to it.

3. If I were to write a guest blog post, I'd  post in  the New Directions in the Humanities blog that I found by reading Kate's post on this blog. So much blogging. But, thanks to Kate, I got really excited about adding to this site and store of knowledge. On the homepage it states, "This knowledge community is brought together by a shared commitment to the humanities and a concern for their future" which I think my paper would really fit into.

4. The conference I found that would really be interesting to apply for (and hasn't already finished) is the EKPHRASIS 2014 : Urban Symphonies. Creating, Performing and Writing the Space in Cinema, Visual Arts and Literature Conference. It's exactly what I was looking for, and it's located in Romania, which is an extra bonus.

This is a whole new outlook on my education. To think that my work could be worth more than a grade and a dusty box, is better than I expected. I'm excited to continue working on this project with potential new end goals. 


  1. It looks like you have found some really cool places to submit your paper! I am in total agreement with you--this idea that our papers can still be worth something outside of the class really boggles my mind, but makes writing this essay more purposeful!

  2. I love this post! You seem to have put some work into looking for places that would fit your paper, and it's helped me get some ideas. I feel the same way, I never really considered trying to get published as an undergrad, but the idea is opening up a whole new outlook on my education.