Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Enthusiasm About Feminism

Most of the enthusiasts I've reached out to were very responsive, and had very positive things to contribute.  One of them is someone that I know is very outspoken and political, and, as I had expected, she had a lot to contribute on the topic!  
Ah I'm so happy you included me on this!
I honestly don't know a great deal about middle eastern women issues today. After the Bush administration I realized that my perception of women's issues in the Middle East was kind of wrong. I think that in American culture this is very true. Women are constantly blamed for being raped in this country. Whether it's because of what they wore or because they were out too late. My mom actually took a women's studies class a few years ago and a Pakistani women in her class said that the rape culture in the US is much worse than it is in Pakistan. I think women around the world are given a great deal more responsibility and therefore blame. For example in the US when a women has an unexpected pregnancy it's her fault for having sex yet we rarely talk about the male contribution. In Somalia female genital mutilation is a huge part of the culture and a huge cause of death in Somalia. If a women has not been circumcised she is seen as a disgraceful, unclean women. Women are expected to have many children one after another. If a women is unable to produce many children quickly enough she has lost her worth and more often then not women die before they can raise their children. That's not really an accusation from men but it's definitely a deadly burden they are given.

I was also pleased to see how many people have been posting on my blog posts, because it gives me a major confidence booster! Tori in particular gave me several resources to use in her comment on my last blog post. Also, a huge thank you to Cristiano for suggesting this blog to submit my final paper to.

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