Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be Enthused! Please?

So, this finding enthusiasts when I want to seems to be harder than I expected.  I find enthusiasts for things every day for literally anything.  I can be on the bus.  I can be waiting in line for some burger.  I can be looking at a poster in the HFAC and strike up a conversation about composers with two random girls.

The thing is, finding enthusiasts is easy until you need to.

But, I have talked to a person I know going to university somewhere in Australia.  I have not gotten a response back for a little more than a day, but we were talking about books being like old friends that you love to meet again and again.  Long story short... I need to work on my transitions.

I have tried contemplated posting in a couple of random forums I know of.  And now... I am kind of lost on how to find other enthusiasts.  Any suggestions?


  1. Instead of posting to "random forums", maybe try a blog search. I'm sure there are blogs with posts about your topic. I am almost sure of it. If you can find a good blog, make an informed comment with a specific question and see if you can make a conversation out of it. Another good place to look, (I've had a lot of success here) is Goodreads. Find your book, look up the reviews that have been written about it and see what you can find there. You may even message one of the reviewers who seem especially devoted to the text. Anyone who takes the time to write a nice review is most likely invested and enthusiastic about the text. Good luck, Richard!

  2. Hey Richard, here is something I found in doing research for you. It's a book on "modernism" which is the era of literature that your book fits into. Hope this helps.