Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Is Anyone Listening?

I am feeling a little bit in line with Richard right now, in that when I wasn't looking for it, finding social proof for my work and research was easy. Finding enthusiasts for the things I am interested in came to me more often than not. But the second I begin to search for it, it's like I jinxed myself and all of the sudden NO ONE has any professed interest into what I am looking into.

Despite reaching out, I've received quite minimal feedback on my topic. I've posted on Facebook, Goodreads, this blog, and I've reached out to specific friends who might be interested. Nothing. So I'm going to try again, and this time I'm going to take a different approach now. Who is interested in Greek mythology?  Zeus sleeping with women, Hera and all her revenge schemes, the battle of Troy, the voyage of Aeneas, love stories, people changing into trees and ponds and cows, anyone?  Ancient Greece and Rome had one thing going for them for sure (probably many things, but this one in particular). They know how to tell a story. The ancient myths of Greece and Rome are fascinating. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in that. That is what I am researching. Allusions to these myths are all over the place in our culture today. I could peronsally point out 15 of them in the first Harry Potter book alone. They are in literature, they are in televsion, they are in movies, they are in the very words that we use, they are in the basis of our language, they are everywhere. I need to find people who would be interested in that. I'm going to stop asking people to talk to me about The Count of Monte Cristo, because I've gotten nowhere with that.

Who likes ancient Greek and Roman mythology? Who wishes they could go to Italy and see the ancient temples, the beautiful architecture, the statue of Michelangelo? I need people like you to listen to me, because even if you have never read the novel I am researching, I promise you will be interested.


  1. I'll bet there are a lot of good places you could talk to people enthusiastic about myths and Greek mythology. You could do a blog search and pretty easily find people writing about myths that would maybe respond to a well-informed comment. I recommend commenting on ten such blogs. You could also comment on blogs that don't necessarily address Greek Mythology but talk about myths in general. A bit like you were saying about Harry Potter. I'm sure there is some HP nerd that is dying to talk to you about the myths in Harry Potter. My advice would be to start a conversation with someone who cares about myths of any kind. As the conversation takes shape, you will start to understand your own ideas more clearly.

    Good luck, and hope this helps!

  2. A good new approach and some great advice from Tori.