Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finally Caught a Break

My email to Allie
Hey, everybody. Did you know that this whole "social proof" thing works? I had a really helpful experience. I discovered a blog called The Hemingway Project during that one class when Professor Burton ditched us for a half hour to go to lunch. Instead of sitting there thinking, "Man, I'm jealous. I wish I were at lunch right now, too,"I started conversing with Adam and Kimberlee. I expressed some of my concerns about my trouble with getting good feedback, and they helped me find this blog about Hemingway. It looked perfect, so I resolved to send the editor an email. I read some of her interviews and essays regarding related topics and finally decided to reach out. What I got in return was better than what I could have possibly hoped for. 

I sent out this email to the editor, Allie Baker. I mentioned that I had enjoyed reading her blog posts and then asked if she had any knowledge regarding my thesis. I tried to sound professional and smart. My question was specific and interesting to a Hemingway enthusiast. Luckily for me, she responded fairly quickly and gave me some help that I could not have expected.

Allie's reply
Allie was very gracious and helpful. She expressed her interest by pointing me to a Hemingway scholar named H.R. Stoneback. She interviewed him for her blog and asked him some questions that were related to my thesis. I am definitely going to check that out when she posts it. She recommended one of Stoneback's books that could be useful for my paper.

One really important thing is that now I have an "expert" to reach out to. I can become familiar with his work, mention Allie's recommendation, and then propose my question. I no longer feel like I am reaching in the dark thanks to Adam, Kimberlee, Allie, and Professor Burton's long lunch.

And they all lived happily ever after.


  1. So happy that you got some success! That is so awesome. I appreciated seeing your email to her, that was helpful in getting a better idea of what and how to talk about the paper to enthusiasts.