Friday, March 28, 2014

Harry Potter and the Pedagogy of Teaching

I attended the English Symposium performance of "Teaching Harry Potter." It was a really interesting symposium presentation about how education is taught through young adult literature. They go through different examples throughout the books of how education is approached at Hogwarts. I just loved this presentation especially because of the subject matter. It was fascinating to learn how learning and education values are presented in the Harry Potter books. 

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What I noticed the most that could help me with my own paper was the organization of the presentation. They focused mostly on their topic and then used examples from the book to support their main topic. This was interesting to me because I think that in a literary class like ours it is easy to focus more on the literature rather than the topic itself. I thought it was interesting and helpful to see how the group in this symposium used the literature to back up their topic, rather than their topic to be added in to their literature analysis. I also thought it was fascinating how the group in this symposium connected their topic to the real world, and made it matter to other people, even those who may not have ever read the book. 

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  1. I'm glad you attended and that you were able to look at the structure and approach of the analysis you heard. Hopefully this will contribute to you understanding your own writing structure better!