Monday, April 7, 2014

Trying to Find An Outlet for My Morrie Paper

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As I've gotten further in my writing, I've been trying to find good venues for publication or presentation, and it's kind of super frustrating. All the interesting places I've found seem to have just finished accepting application or submissions. Grr. BUT I will find something, and I will find it really fast. I know I'm for sure going to submit it to the English Symposium for next year, but I can't do that right away, so I need to see if I can submit it to something sooner.

In preparing to submit it to the English Symposium for next year, I've found myself writing more consciously because if I present it at a conference like the Symposium, I'd actually be talking to people about it. I can write okay, but I really loathe talking to people. I'm just not good at it. So as I've been writing, I've tried to put a lot of legitimate emotion into it to make it easier for myself if I ever do get the chance to present it somewhere!

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  1. I love that you're writing with the plan to present in mind, because I think a paper is so much more interesting to read if it sounds like the writer is actually talking to you. That doesn't mean that have to say "you" or "I" all the time, but having that in mind just makes the paper more passionate and genuine. Good luck on finding a venue! I posted a website on Chelsea's post if you haven't tried it yet.