Monday, April 7, 2014

Where to Publish? Where to Present?

I've been struggling to find a venue to submit my paper to that is still accepting papers. Like Kate, I plan to submit my paper to the English Symposium (at BYU) next year, but I need something that I can submit to soon. However, with the English Symposium I can't simply submit my paper for publication, I would have to actually present it to an audience. While presenting in front of people is not my strong point, I think that it would be easier to explain my argument through a presentation rather than a paper. I think it could be more engaging that way.

I looked into a site that Tori posted about, the International Student Journal and I think that it could be a good place to publish my paper. Also, I had completely forgotten about the Scholars Archive at BYU until I read Tori's post. So, that might be an option as well. Basically, thank you Tori for posting about your possible venues!


  1. Hey Chelsea! I don't know if you've tried this yet, but I searched some topics in my paper on this website: and I found a useful outlet for my paper. Also, I think it's great that you want to present your paper even though you don't think it's your strong suit. I think that if you're really passionate about what you've written and you've put work into it, you'll love talking about it!

    1. Thanks for the link. I'll look into it.

  2. If we aren't passionate about what we are writing, than it doesn't matter what it is! So I think that's great that you are considering the symposium! I'll bet it'll give you a lot of confidence.