Friday, April 11, 2014

Funnies While Working/ Richard Enjoys His Paper


I have been working on my paper and was on the topic of my thesis.  The general idea is that Jay Gatsby is not like everyone else in all works involved in my paper.  Can anyone guess what song popped into my head?

This song popped into my head.

By the way, I want to go off on a slight tangent right now fueled by my adhd perspective of everything and anything and all thing....s....

Did anybody ever watch Sesame Street when they were little?  I didn't realize how old all of that was or is.  When I was younger, the puppets/monsters looked more believable or realistic to me.  But I look at it now and I can't help thinking, "What kind of fabric did they use on Cookie Monster?"

Anyway, this song in my mind prompted me to search for some images, and here is what I came across:

I wanted to find a bunny or duck, but this was the first thing I found.

This one was oddly fitting considering I was just eating chocolate.

This is fitting, as is the next one because we were talking about Star Wars in my 251 class.  By the way, if you have never thought of any of those films through a feminist, structuralist, or psychoanalytic approach, give it a try.

This one just made me laugh.

This one is odd.  If you didn't know, this is basically a joke aimed at the Mass Effect series.  You constantly meet new people and they join your team.  But the lady in blue is Samus Aran... I think.  Completely different games.. hence funny.

And of course, something cute to end it all.

This has been an insight into how my mind works, and how interesting the creative process is for me.

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