Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Last Melon

Alright, you guys. Here it is. The video introduction to my essay, which I shared via Google+. Because of this, Anonymous Gopher, Anonymous Wolf, and Anonymous Pumpkin are now reading "Woman, the Unsuccessful Colonist."

I have learned so much this semester about claims, the research process, and social proof-- all of which have been extremely helpful in learning how to become a better essay-writer. As I reflect back on the progression of my blog posts (which I now realize I was supposed to do on the 15th), it's neat to see the growth-- from absolutely no idea where I was going to go with it (as in "Broken Bangala") to beginning to gain ideas (like in "Displaced Female Colonist Loses Direction"), to sharing my ideas through social networks (in "Taking it to the Old FB"), to getting frustrated, bouncing my ideas off classmates, and finally striking gold with Edward Cutler, an American Literature professor with an incredible knowledge of feminism and colonialism and who also let me borrow four books that helped me out a lot ("How Conversations Spark Ideas"), and then, at last, to the point where I have a finished essay. (For those who would like to read it, here is a link.) This really has been such an awesome class and I have learned so incredibly much. I want to give a big "THANK YOU!!!!" to everyone! You've all been wonderful people to learn from and talk with. It's been a great class!

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