Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Faulkner, Carroll, and Me: A Brief History

What a journey this has been! The most amazing thing to me about writing my paper on As I Lay Dying and Alice in Wonderland is how much my ideas evolved throughout the process. I began with a general idea that I would write about how damaging some parenting styles are on children, and through my blogging process, I thought of many different styles that are represented in Alice in Wonderland. 

Yet, my ideas were still very broad. I received great feedback from my peers, and found, through them and my own research, many sources that helped me focus my thoughts.

One of the biggest turning points for me was Jessica's comment on my post where I discussed how different the two genres I'm studying are. She mentioned universal ethics, which eventually became a main focus point of my paper. The way that I was able to combine the two authors was with universal ethics: the idea that the morals that they believed in and wrote about transcend time and location. 

Finally, when I decided to list all of my thoughts on paper here, I found the missing link that tied them together. It was an idea that I had while brainstorming for one of my previous Alice papers: the central problem for the authority figures is egocentrism. Their inability to show compassion, love, and respect for the children stemmed from their selfishness.

I thought it was interesting that, through writing a paper about two of my favorite novels, I was able to learn more about the kind of mother I want to be--or rather, the kind of mother I most definitely will not be. It is beautiful to me that fiction can possess the eternal truths of reality.

And so, here is the result of my research:

Universal Ethics in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Carroll's Alice in Wonderland: The Effects of Egocentric Parenting

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