Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Journey to a Miracle (believe it or not)...

I almost feel like I've done some miracle for the past month... I've had a lot of obstacles on the way but I'm finished! Not that I enjoyed the process, but I feel like I've run a mile in that process. My finished product has somewhat changed from the direction I've taken from the beginning, but I feel good about it.

I remember when I first uploaded my first post, my personal narrative--which unfortunately had no comments (not that I mind). I was quite embarrassed to upload it in public view, but I quickly realized "everyone else put it up, so what's the use of being shy?" When I got around to writing my thesis, I was devastated not because I couldn't find anything in common between Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Sara but because I couldn't find the words to express/describe my thesis. My pick, Sara is not a well-known book. Its genre is spirituality and New Age (or metaphysical), which isn't really sought out by many people. It was difficult not to go into too much depth with my book because it would confuse many people who are unfamiliar with this kind of genre. That is why I needed help from my mom, who was familiar with Sara and also Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, who could guide me to see the similarity and differences between these two books without going off tangent with Sara.

I circulated my teaser, which was quite lengthy, to my friends back home in California and my roommate Michelle. If you read my finished product, you'll notice that I used some of the quotes from my teaser. My friends and family helped me make the connection between the two novels, as you can see in other posts, Shell and Feedback and Publication.

I started my outline from that point on, with feedback streaming in. I did have an incredibly difficult time forming my thesis because my support would often stray from the thesis, or the thesis wouldn't encompass all I wanted to say in my essay. But, of course, I overcame this slump with the help of my teacher back home (as I mentioned in my previous post).

Through all this process I've learned many things but one thing stuck out to me the most: you can't procrastinate. I had to constantly visit different blogs or reviews online to get support for my essay, especially concerning Sara. I had many critical reviews and sources for the Alice book, but I could't find any critical writings on Sara for the life of me. In the end, phone interview with my mom came in most handy, but blogs and reviews also helped.

So the journey ends here. To end this post, I invite everyone to read Sara Learns about the Secret of Law of Attraction! It is truly inspiring!

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